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WHO states, Physiotherapists assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments (ISCO, 2008).

Physiotherapists treat diseases or impairments affecting the muscles, bones, joints, nervous system, heart, circulation and lungs. They are autonomous professionals to identify and diagnose impairments in a physical, psychological, occupational and social context, and serves through health promotion, preventative healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation using a variety of physical, electro-physical, cognitive and pharmacological agents.

Physiotherapy Unit at BCR

Physiotherapy Unit at Bangladesh Centre For Rehabilitation (BCR) is the country’s largest facility for physiotherapy service and a pioneer in providing specialized & a wide spectrum of Physiotherapy services. There is direct access of patients for physiotherapy consultancy and services in BCR, with or without a referral.

We specialize in treating musculoskeletal problems, involving injury to structures such as joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Injuries can occur due to a specific traumatic incident, such as twisting an ankle whilst playing football or dislocating a shoulder when falling off a bike. Injury can also occur from simply putting the body under too much strain before it has developed the strength to tolerate it, for example trying to run too far too soon.

While it is more common for people to seek physiotherapy when they are injured or in pain, physiotherapists can also help with preventing injury by identifying underlying physical deficits. By addressing these, you can reduce your risk of injury in the future, particularly if you are about to take up a new sport or type of exercise.

So, if you have any pain or injury, whether from sitting at your desk too much or due to a sporting mishap, or even if you just want to improve your physical condition and performance, we are here to help you

Bangladesh Center for Rehabilitation (BCR).

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